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Distributors can benefit from the following:

Centers for Medicare / Medicaid
• HCPCS Reimbursement Codes
We have over 300 authorized distributors!!
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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with http://www.softshare.com/
Available Business documents
• 850 – Purchase Orders
• 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
• 856 – Advanced Ship To Notice
• 810 – Invoice
• 997 – Functional Acknowledgements
Distributor Marketing Solutions
• Customized Marketing Material with your Distributor Information
• Fully Featured Color Catalog with SAMPLES
• Customized Direct Mail Marketing with SAMPLES to your customers!!!
• In-Service Videos and Presentations
• Customized Webmercials Promoting Your Business
• Photo Gallery
• Customized Sales Rep Folders
• Customized Integrated E-mail Video Messages
Sales Support Videos & In-service Videos

NG-Secure Presentation

Woundcare Secure Presentation

Woundcare rational Presentation

NG-Secure Presentation

Video Email
NG-Secure Demonstration

Video Email
Cath-Secure Demonstration