“We are committed to providing safe and cost-effective products to the medical industry”

About Us

M. C. Johnson was founded over 30 years ago by Melissa C.Johnson, an LPN. She saw a need in her patient care and set about developing a product and saw that the product made it into the marketplace. Today M. C. Johnson is committed to becoming an extension of your business and its partners by adapting to an ever-changing medical field and provides state of the art medical solutions to it distributors.

aboutimg2As mentioned above, relationships are a key role in the ongoing success of our business. M. C. Johnson has strategically aligned its marketing efforts nationwide to ensure distributor reps have all the pertinent information they need to proceed with sampling, informing, and educating the respective target market. M. C. Johnson believes its relationships are responsibilities’. We take the responsibilities of pushing & educating our customers seriously. Finally, our relationships that pertain to product development, both internally and externally, have allowed us to offer medical solutions that solve a wide variety of medical needs.

The products sold by M. C. Johnson Co. are of the highest quality. The CATH-SECURE®line improves overall clinical outcomes, lowers healthcare costs, increases nursing productivity all while providing a better quality of care for patients and meeting the healthcare industry standard of care. Also, the CATH-SECURE®line improves patient comfort and mobility, is lightweight and flexible, and most of all is OSHA and CDC compliant. Finally, the WOUND-SECURE® line is gentle to the skin, yet very secure. The products are skin friendly, easy to apply and compare to all the current well known industry wound care products, and much more cost effective.

In all, these products and more (not listed) provided by M. C. Johnson Company will improve any patient’s quality of life.

In Memory

Melissa C. Johnson, 1955-1993. Melissa was an LPN working at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts when she invented CATH-SECURE®. She founded M. C. Johnson CO. in 1980 to make, promote and sell CATH-SECURE™ to bring comfort to hospital patients with indwelling urinary catheters. She died of cancer in 1993.