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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued draft recommendations to medical product manufacturers for providing consumers with accurate information about products that are not made with natural rubber latex (NRL).

The FDA is encouraging manufacturers of FDA-regulated medical products to stop using statements on labels such as “latex free” or “does not contain natural rubber latex”.  Instead, the FDA recommends manufacturers use the labeling statement – “not made with natural rubber latex” – to indicate when NRL was not used as a material in the medical product or product container. 

M. C. Johnson Co. will be following the FDAs’ recommendation and altering all of our boxes, labeling and literature to reflect this change. Internally this change has already begun but will not be fully completed on all of our products for some time. 

Please note only the wording on the product packaging will change.  The products will still be the same best in class quality produced by M. C. Johnson Co.


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